The Schools Integration Project (SIP) has been one of the NCTE's key initiatives since its inception in 1998. Focussing on whole school development, SIP examines and explores a range of teaching/learning topics specifically from an ICT integration perspective. Approximately 90 pilot projects have been established in a number of 'lead' schools working in partnership with education centres, businesses, industry, third-level institutions and the community.

With many of the SIP projects concluding in 2001 and 2002, it is important that the results and outcomes are disseminated to the wider educational community so that 'best practice' with regard to the use and integration of ICT can be assimilated and implemented in Irish schools. This website is a vehicle for such dissemination and we hope that the efforts of all the educators, teachers and students who took part in SIP projects provide inspiration to others seeking to use ICT innovatively in education.

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Find out all about SOLAS, an education research project that examined some of the special educational needs of students with physical and sensory impairments, especially in mainstream education.



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