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Challenging Images (SIP050)
This project explored new technologies and photography as media of expression for young people in general and those physically challenged in particular. It explored issues such as identity in a trans-national context.
18 months
Lead Organisation
Patrician Secondary School, Co. Kildare
Project Aims
  • To use the medium of photography to break down barriers be they social, geographical, cultural or those of language to highlight what unites us -- our humanity.
  • To develop, maintain and augment international student and teacher links.
  • To engage students collaboratively in the educational process.
  • To provide a structure and organisational model that other schools can utilise in the future.
  • To explore issues of self-esteem, and socio-cultural diversity in a spirit of openness, tolerance and learning.
  • To enhance communication and develop teaching and learning strategies in the arts and social sciences.
  • Indicative Outcomes
  • Providing opportunities for students to become designers through the use of the new technologies.
  • Engaging students collaboratively in the creative process.
  • Students developing, designing and maintaining an interactive international photographic gallery online.
  • Production of a photographic exhibition that will travel across Europe, complete with colour catalogue and CD-ROM, which is for students by students.
  • Development of a videoconference link for the multimedia exhibition.
  • Training of both teachers and students in the use of ICT.
  • Participating Schools
    St Anne's Special School, Co. Kildare
    Barrettstown Castle's Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, Co. Kildare
    Holy Family Secondary School, Co. Kildare
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