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A Transition Year Programme Exploring Justice Issues (SIP063)
This project set out to promote greater understanding among students of their own as well as other cultures. This was done in the context of realising more fully the ICT potential within the school via a videoconferencing connection with a South African school. A number of technical difficulties were encountered and the project was not completed.
18 months
Lead Organisation
St Mary's Secondary School, Dublin 9
Project Aims
  • To set up a videoconference link with St Matthew's School, Soweto.
  • To assist other staff members to avail of this link via training and ICT support.
  • To document ICT problems and solutions using action research methods to assist other schools.
  • To extend this link year by year.
  • Indicative Outcomes
  • Hands-on contact with another school/culture over a wide range of subjects/experiences.
  • Increased resources within the school.
  • Higher ICT profile among staff and students.
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation among different subject departments on a joint venture.
  • Participating Schools
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