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Comparaid agus Cogarsnacht idir Milaois 1000 agus Milaois 2000 (SIP068)
This project involves primary and second-level pupils using ICT and other resources to research how people live in Ireland today versus how they lived 1,000 years ago, and to compare and contrast the two lifestyles. The Irish language will be the medium of communication between all project participants.
18 months
Lead Organisation
Salesian College, Co. Kildare
Project Aims
  • To give a broad picture of everyday life in the present day, particularly as to how it affects the participating students and the people they come into regular contact with.
  • To give a broad picture of everyday life 1,000 years ago.
  • To compare and contrast the two eras.
  • Indicative Outcomes
  • Students involved in the project to gain practical experience in a wide range of ICT applications. This should engender an increased facility with new technology.
  • Enhancement of the relationship between new technology and the Irish language.
  • Lessons learned by those involved can be applied in other schools whether by way of further experimentation or by direct use of the methods developed.
  • Development of a model from which to exptrapolate methods in which ICT and Irish can be creatively and enjoyably brought into the fields of primary and post-primary education.
  • Participating Schools
    Gaelscoil Chill Dara, Kildare
    Holy Family Secondary School, Co. Kildare
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