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Europe Without Frontiers - Videoconferencing in the Classroom (SIP076)
This project is using videoconferencing technology to team-teach students from a Transition Year group with a parallel group of students from the European School system. The basic pedagogy of this process is that all students will learn through their first foreign language, French.
18 months
Lead Organisation
St Angela's College, Cork
Project Aims
  • To develop a realistic model for schools in order to use and exploit the technology associated with videoconferencing.
  • To bring a European dimension into the classroom using a common 'foreign' language as the medium.
  • To give students the opportunity to study a social studies topic in a foreign language with students from another country.
  • To develop teachers' skills in terms of curriculum development and resource development. Teachers will be working in a cross-curricular, trans-national pedagogic environment.
  • To raise the ICT levels of the students and the teachers in the school.
  • Indicative Outcomes
  • A resource bank of skills and expertise in the use of videoconferencing technology in the classroom to be built up.
  • Participants to develop expertise in the development of curriculum, materials and teaching methodologies associated with this technology.
  • Links to be established with the European School system.
  • Students to have opportunities to use ICT technology within a European context.
  • The model may be expanded into many subject areas across the curriculum.
  • Participating Schools
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