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A Sociological Study of Shopping (SIP016)
This project engaged pupils in research, report writing, teamwork, communication of ideas, presentation techniques and ICT integration, all within the context of the shopping habits of students' parents.
18 months
Lead Organisation
St Brigid's National School, Dublin 18
Project Aims
  • To engage pupils in research, report writing, teamwork and communication of ideas, presentation techniques and ICT integration.
  • To exploit the Loreto network of schools throughout the world to gather information on lifestyles, etc. in foreign countries.
  • To develop the ICT skills of the participating teachers and pupils.
Indicative Outcomes
  • Exemplar of the integration of many curricular areas and the use of ICT as a cross-curricular tool. The curricular areas to be included are Geography, Language, Mathematics and History.
  • Development of an understanding of the cultural diversity and ethnic identity of the countries included in the project.
Participating Schools
St Patrick's Loreto National School, Co. Wicklow
Further Information

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