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European Studies (SIP017)
Using ICT, this project set out to develop a European Studies programme suitable for the needs of 25 primary school pupils across the four senior classes (3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes).
18 months
Lead Organisation
St Patrick's National School, Co. Wicklow
Project Aims
  • To encourage the pupils to take an active interest in speaking and reading French and German.
  • To develop resources in the area of teaching and learning foreign languages in primary schools.
  • To engage the pupils in collaborative project work related to European Studies; language, culture, history, European influence in Ireland, etc.
  • To establish links with schools on the mainland of Europe and in Ireland to engage them in similar activities.
  • To use a translational tool to produce short reports in a number of European languages.
  • To engage parents as active participants in the project.
Indicative Outcomes
  • Increased awareness among pupils of their European identity and of the role Europe plays in their lives.
  • Establishment of a model for integrating ICT and language teaching/ learning.
  • Development and evaluation of resources for teaching foreign languages in primary schools.
  • Establishment of a "Web Workshop" in which pupils' work can be developed and viewed. This would act as a model for similar developments in other projects.
Participating Schools
Further Information

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