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A Sense of Japan (SIP020)
Using ICT, multimedia, Internet and email, this project focused largely on life in Japan with an emphasis on young people, school, sports, art, music and technology.
18 months
Lead Organisation
Little Island National School, Co. Cork
Project Aims
  • To encourage pupils to learn about life in Japan: basic geography, family life, schools, shoguns and samurai, art and craft, Japanese technology, connections with Ireland and the European Union.
  • To acquire knowledge through the use of ICT, multimedia,the Internet and email. "Finding-out" skills will lead to storing skills, and (re) presentation skills (simple and advanced word-processing, spread-sheets, clip-art, sound files, painting programmes, scanning, desktop publishing, etc).
  • To encourage pupils to focus on their own area, gather information, and present this to one or more Japanese schools and to Japanese pen pals.
  • ICT will be used to communicate within the school, locally and internationally.
Indicative Outcomes
  • Fostering understanding and tolerance of diverse cultures and ways of life.
  • Integration of ICT in the delivery and development of the project,specifically in the subject areas of Geography (volcanoes, climate, products, earthquakes), Mathematics (graphs and charts, currencies, time zones), Music (listening to and playing Japanese music) and Arts and Crafts (origami, harigami, etc).
  • Presentation of a "taispeantas" of the work done to parents and members of the local community.
  • Establishment of a broader framework for learning than ordinary classroom work thus enabling weaker children to demonstrate their skills and thus lead to improved self-concepts.
Participating Schools
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