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The Use of ICT in Teaching Modern Languages (SIP021)
A broad-based project that aimed to raise primary school students' awareness of European languages and cultures.
12 months
Lead Organisation
Barefield National School, Co. Clare
Project Aims
  • To utilise ICT in introducing foreign languages to pupils in primary schools.
  • To establish links between the participating schools with a view to exchanging and formulating lesson plans, ideas for class activities, games, etc.
  • To establish links with primary schools in other countries in order to broaden the language experience for the participating pupils.
Indicative Outcomes
  • An enhancement of pupils' knowledge of ICT and in particular the use of email and the Internet.
  • An enhancement of pupils' knowledge of foreign languages and culture.
  • Development of resource materials and teaching strategies.
  • Development of the European dimension of pupils' education.
  • Initiation and development of twinning projects with foreign primary schools.
  • Identification and evaluation of suitable software for language teaching.
Participating Schools
Holy Cross National School, Co. Waterford
St Naul's National School, Co. Donegal
St Michael's, Dublin 8
St Clare's National School, Dublin 6
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