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You Are What You Eat (SIP024)
A cross-curricular project that examined the food production industry from source to consumption.
18 months
Lead Organisation
Sacred Heart Secondary School, Co. Cork
Project Aims
  • To develop a cross-curricular project using ICT and focussing on farming and food.
  • To acquaint students with the scale and scope of the food processing industry in their own locale.
  • To investigate the health issues relating to food production and consumption.
  • To develop a web-based resource resulting from the project findings.
  • To encourage students of all backgrounds to work collaboratively together.
Indicative Outcomes
  • Evolution of a more co-operative approach to learning.
  • Upgrading of the ICT skills of staff and students.
  • Enhancing of existing links to business and industry.
  • Reduction in the barriers between the different levels in education.
  • Enhancing the learning through integration in the classroom.
Participating Schools
St Patrick's National School, Co. Wicklow
Further Information

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