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Educating Multiple Intelligences Through Technology (E-mitt) (SIP065)
E-MITT evaluated the extent to which the blend of multiple intelligences and ICT ensures the development of a wider range of intelligences in students and how it may increase student motivation, learning and interest.
18 months
Lead Organisation
St Brigid's Secondary School, Co. Kerry
Project Aims
  • To blend a multiple intelligences approach to teaching and learning with ICT.
  • To improve the lot of the "system disadvantaged", by teaching to their strengths, thus tackling the issue of early school leaving in a new way.
  • To develop a phased programme.
  • To broaden pedagogical skills.
  • To explore alternative ways of assessment.
Indicative Outcomes
  • Students are enabled to appreciate their predominant intelligences. This self-knowledge should ideally maximise their self-confidence, happiness and effectiveness making career choices easier and increasing enterpreneurial skills.
  • More energised learning takes place.
  • Broadening and enhancing of students' education.
  • Ongoing links between the primary and post-primary sectors.
Participating Schools
St Oliver's Primary School, Co. Kerry
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