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Second-Level Educational Software Evaluation and Design (SIP066)
This project involves the evaluation of a range of cross-curricular software which could be appropriate for the Irish second-level school curriculum. Based on the evaluations, the project intends to use the best elements of current pedagogical software to produce a range of Irish-specific curriculum CDs.
18 months
Lead Organisation
The Intermediate School, Co. Kerry
Project Aims
  • To assess and evaluate a wide range of cross-curricular software for secondary schools.
  • To develop a pedagogical approach which maximises the appropriate use of software in an effective, constructivist, non-threatening and integrated manner.
  • To produce indigenous Irish software for secondary schools which meets cross-curricular needs, course needs, teacher needs, and students' needs and abilities.
  • To satisfy the demand by teachers for suitable education resources.
  • To fully inform teachers of all disciplines of the efficacy (in terms of students' learning), variety, and availability of suitable software in their respective fields.
Indicative Outcomes
  • The accrued knowledge and expertise expedites a constructivist, ICT-led pedagogical approach.
  • The school, through subject departments, participates in the design, production and utilisation of CD-ROM learning materials for classroom use.
  • Teachers increase their pedagogical and technological prowess in a manner that increases each student's ability to learn. In addition, the new approach should stimulate and energise the teacher's approach and delivery.
  • Through evaluation and student feedback, the students' needs and the ways in which they learn should be matched more closely with the teacher's curriculum demands.
  • A catalogue of researched, evaluated and recommended software should be available to all second-level schools in the country. (A similar catalogue could be made available to primary schools.)
  • Laboratory-tested, modified, and proven learning methodologies, ICT-led, should be available. This could act as a model for future teacher training and in-service courses.
  • Subject-specific resource materials (text, animation, graphics, video) produced in CD-ROM format.
  • Constructivist learning is subjected to serious, class-based evaluation.
  • A modern, syllabus-specific, pedagogical approach is developed, which lends itself to a transforming learning experience for our nation's schoolgoing children -- Education for the Millennium.
Participating Schools
Causeway Comprehensive School, Co. Kerry
Killorglin Community College, Co. Kerry
Moyderwell Secondary School, Co. Kerry
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