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The Use of Illuminatus as a Creative Presentation and Assessment Tool in Primary School (SIP073)
This project involves teachers and senior-level primary school pupils acquiring multimedia skills (HyperStudio and Illuminatus) and utilising these skills to plan, develop and present class projects.
18 months
Lead Organisation
Clonakilty Boys NS, Co. Cork
Project Aims
  • To develop skills of planning, collaboration, problem-solving, communication in the children.
  • To take advantage of multimedia in using it as a communication tool.
  • To develop teaching material during the programme - scheme of work, lesson plans and sample work.
  • These schemes of work/lesson plan may also provide the basis for a set of notes to introduce teachers to the software packages.
Indicative Outcomes
  • The process is every bit as important as the product - ie, the planning, interaction, reviewing, etc. involved in developing projects should foster skills of decision-making, collaboration and problem solving in both staff and pupils.
  • Production of a research document outlining the benefits of using Illuminatus and Hyperstudio in the classroom with children, the advantages/disadvantages of both, how they may compliment each other, etc.
Participating Schools
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