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The Use of the Internet in Research on Bullying (SIP082)
This project involves primary school children researching the incidence of bullying in 5 local schools. They are using ICT to gather, record and disseminate their findings.
12 months
Lead Organisation
Corballa National School, Co. Sligo
Project Aims
  • To enable pupils engage in research and heighten the awareness of the issue of bullying in schools.
  • To foster communication by email.
  • To foster among children an understanding of the negative effects of bullying behaviour and promote positive behaviours towards self and others.
  • To agree acceptable practice when using technology.
Indicative Outcomes
  • Production of literature to address the issue of bullying and dissemination to participating schools and other interested parties.
  • Qualification of the incidence of bullying in the participating schools.
  • Enhanced understanding of ICT and its application to project research.
Participating Schools
Culleens NS, Co. Sligo
Kilglass NS, Co. Sligo
Stokane NS, Co. Sligo
Enniscrone NS, Co. Sligo
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