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A Review of Software for the Infant School (SIP083)
A project that aims to identify software appropriate for use in the infant school so as to aid the teaching of core subjects.
12 months
Lead Organisation
St Brigid's Infant School, Dublin 11
Project Aims
  • To improve the quallity of children's education and to better prepare them for life in the Information Age.
  • To enhance the teaching and learning process through the use of ICT.
  • To aid the professional development of the participants.
  • To make effective use of ICT as an educational tool.
  • To increase teachers' level of comfort around and competence with ICT.
Indicative Outcomes
  • Identification of appropriate software for use at different class levels (junior infants to first class, special needs and learning support).
  • Delivery of training to participants in the use of the software and in others areas of ICT.
  • Experimentation with and evaluation of various classroom strategies to discover how ICT can best be integrated into normal class routine.
Participating Schools
Further Information

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