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Ennis Information Age Schools (SIP058)
This SIP project brings together six primary schools and two special schools in Ennis, Ireland's Information Age Town. The schools worked together to investigate the challenges that face schools when they have an abundance of ICT equipment. See individual projects for more information.
18 months
Lead Organisation
Anne Walshe, Clare Education Centre, Ennis
Project Aims
  • To explore the utilization, management and maintenance of networked computer rooms in the implementation of the primary school curriculum.
  • To assess the suitability of Integrated Learning System software to support students and teachers in implementing the primary school curriculum.
  • To examine the issues involved in creating a connected community of learners in Ennis, where schools, parents and the wider community can explore the possibilities of electronic messaging and the World Wide Web in the context of developing curricula and improving communication.
  • To develop a website where Ennis teachers can discuss issues and projects in a secure stable environment and where other teachers can learn from the Ennis experience.
Indicative Outcomes
  • Production of a website and CD-ROM with the findings of the project plus useful software materials and resources.
  • Creation of resources for using the Internet.
  • A model for pupils and teachers to take charge of their own learning, so as to encourage other schools nationwide to get involved in similar processes.
  • Network software solutions for large schools.
  • A model for the integration of ICT into the curriculum using networks.
  • A model for home-school electronic links.
  • Evaluation and documentation of a selected ILS system.
Participating Schools

Ennis Community College, Co. Clare

Further Information

Project Website
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