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Promoting Science in an All-Girls Post-Primary School (SIP003)
This project compiled and produced a CD-ROM for use in the teaching of science in first-year classes.
18 months
Lead Organisation
Our Lady's College, Co. Louth
Project Aims
  • To engage students in the development of a resource for teaching science. The target audience for the product is first-year post-primary students.
  • To raise the profile of science within the school and to promote interest in the worlds of science and technology among those children who might not otherwise become engaged.
  • To engage the students collaboratively in the creative process.
  • To develop a mechanism for resource development.
  • To establish links with industry with a view to gaining support for the project.
  • To link with software development companies to gain expertise in software production.
Indicative Outcomes
  • Development of a CD-ROM for teaching science to first-year post-primary students.
  • Evaluation of the most suitable tools for such resource development.
  • Determination of the viability of resource development within a post-primary school.
  • Careful documentation of the creative process as a valuable resource for future developments in this area.
  • Evaluation of the possibility of collaboration with industry on a shared project.
  • Student collaboration in action research, content development, editorial activity, etc.
Participating Schools
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Final Report
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