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The Use of ICT in Teaching Leaving Cert Biology and Junior Cert Science (SIP004)
This project investigated how datalogging equipment can enhance practical work in Leaving Certificate Biology and Junior Certificate Science.
18 months
Lead Organisation
Cross and Passion, Co. Kildare
Project Aims
  • To investigate how datalogging using computer technology can enhance practical work in biology and junior science.
  • To ascertain the most suitable datalogging computer equipment for use in teaching the science curriculum in Ireland.
  • To give students and teachers a competence in using datalogging equipment in laboratory work.
  • To investigate the factors involved in training teachers in the use of computer technology in teaching Biology.
Indicative Outcomes
  • Development of teaching resources for using ICT in teaching Biology.
  • Development of models of best practice and appropriate pedagogic approaches to maximise the benefits of using ICT in the teaching of Science.
  • Investigation of approaches to training teachers in the use ICT in teaching Science.
Participating Schools
Further Information

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