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The Use of the Graphing Calculator in Teaching Science (SIP052)
This project evaluated whether Texas Instruments' datalogging equipment was a practical and effective data applications tool appropriate to select experiments and investigations on junior cycle and senior cycle curricula.
18 months
Lead Organisation
Sutton Park School, Co. Dublin
Project Aims
  • To investigate how datalogging using Texas Instruments' graphics calculator and data acquisition equipment can enhance practical work in selected experiments across the junior cycle and senior cycle curricula.
  • To give students and teachers a competence in using datalogging equipment in laboratory work.
  • To investigate the factors involved in training teachers how to use graphics calculators and computers in the teaching of science.
  • To evaluate the software used in conjunction with the graphics calculator.
Indicative Outcomes
  • Evaluation of the appropriateness of Texas Instruments' datalogging apparatus for use within the Irish second-level science curricula.
  • Development and dissemination of student and teacher resources relating to datalogging.
  • Evaluation of the graphic analysis software used in conjunction with the Texas Instruments calculator-based laboratory system.
Participating Schools
Portmarnock Community School, Co. Dublin
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