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The Use of Headstart in Teaching Mathematics at Second-Level (SIP074)
This project aims to formally evaluate the strengths and benefits of using the mathematics software program, Headstart.
18 months
Lead Organisation
St Paul's Community College, Waterford
Project Aims
  • To determine how Headstart can enhance mathematics teaching.
  • To determine how students might respond positively to using computers.
  • To determine how the computer may be used to identify certain 'lack of progress' by students in particular areas of the course.
  • To determine how the package might be used to help overcome difficulties in understanding thus identified.
Indicative Outcomes
  • Early identification of strengths and weaknesses in student's mathematical ability.
  • Greater enthusiasm for mathematics because of involvement with computers.
  • Availability of software to diverse groups within school, following evaluation.
  • Greater openness to using mathematical computer packages by staff and pupils.
Participating Schools
Portmarnock Community School, Co. Dublin
Holy Rosary College, Co. Galway
Further Information

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