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The Role of ICT in Learning Support (SIP026)
This project explored the use of ICT as a motivational tool in teaching and as a learning medium for pupils in small, rural schools. It also integrated ICT into a whole-school learning support strategy for weaker students/potential early school leavers.
18 months
Lead Organisation
Portroe National School, Nenagh
Project Aims
  • To develop teachers technical skills in the use of ICT.
  • To develop their understanding of the pedagogical value of ICT for all students but with particular emphasis on their potential as a motivational tool.
  • To develop a model for professional peer support.
  • To develop models of classroom management.
  • To develop ICT as a means of providing learning support.
Indicative Outcomes
  • The acquisition and enhancement of technical skills by both teachers and students.
  • Increased awareness among teachers of the value of ICT as a teaching medium, as well as experiencing the value of professional peer support.
  • Increased awareness regarding ICT resources and educational websites.
  • Provision of opportunities to experience new learning techniques including co-operative learning.
  • Development of skills in the areas of research and accessing information.
  • Provision of opportunities for 'weaker students' to produce well-presented materials.
  • Re-conceptualisation of the role of a Learning Support Teacher and development of a model for the use of ICT in learning support.
Participating Schools
Ballina National School, Co. Tipperary
Ballinahinch National School, Co. Tipperary
Toomevara National School, Co. Tipperary
Boher National School, Co. Clare
Rearcross National School, Co. Tipperary
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