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Solas (SIP030)
This project piloted a regional assistive technology support service to meet the educational needs of pupils with physical and sensory impairments in primary and post-primary education.
18 months
Lead Organisation
Comprehensive School, Co. Cork
Project Aims
  • To study and investigate the particular educational needs of pupils with physical impairments who are isolated from specialist schools and services.
  • To establish a learning programme whereby the special educational needs of children with disabilities in relation to their personal growth and development can be addressed, and that can be delivered telematically.
  • Through the use of ICT, to reduce the level of isolation and create an international peer group with common interests and needs.
  • To have pupils with impairments assessed and trained in the use of the most appropriate assistive technologies, and to work with their teachers in supporting them.
Indicative Outcomes
  • A piloted model for a Regional Assistive Technology Support Service that can be replicated nationally.
  • A pedagogical response, through the medium of ICT, to the particular educational needs pupils with disabilities.
  • More efficient access to a relevant education for pupils with disabilities.
  • An evaluation of the effectiveness of telematic applications in delivering specialised educational services to groups affected by isolation and dispersal.
Participating Schools
Intermediate School, Co. Kerry
Mayfield Community School, Cork
St Mary's Senior National School, Co. Cork
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