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The Line Projects (SIP031)
The Line Projects were developed to meet the needs of young people 'at risk' or 'outside the system' in their respective communities. They feature various educational and training programmes that are designed as a complementary system of intervention encouraging young people back into mainstream education.
18 months
Lead Organisation
The Line Projects, Dublin 8
Project Aims
  • To assist young people, male and female, aged 13 to 18 years of age, who are unable to avail of other established educational and training programmes through:
    • -- A positive and professional approach.
    • -- Building self-esteem and confidence.
    • -- Developing skill for education and employment.
    • -- Positive intervention in close partnership with the relevant agencies.
  • To provide a complimentary system of intervention that encourages young people back into mainstream education.
  • To use ICT to offer participants a different approach to learning that is more effective and enjoyable.
  • To train the teachers involved in ICT.
Indicative Outcomes
  • Overcoming participants' resistance to traditional educational methodologies by using ICT as an integral part of the project.
  • Enhancement of participants' literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Enhancement of the Education module (Reading, Writing, Mathematics, etc) due to the integration of ICT.
  • Improvement in the career opportunities available to participants and access to more advanced training programmes.
Participating Schools
The Carline Project, Dublin 22
City Motor Sports, Dublin 8
The Phoenix Project, Dublin 7
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