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A Transnational Environmental Project (SIP040)
This project developed educational applications for an Internet-based system that fits with common educational and curriculum themes, promoted local culture, created interest from outside and with scope for involving other EU members.
18 months
Lead Organisation
St Michael's Boys National School, Co. Meath
Project Aims
  • To use software developed by the technical staff of Ardvick, Trim to implement an environmental transnational project in which the participating children will be able to communicate directly in their own language without the need for translation at school level.
  • To develop suitable applications for primary schools in collaboration with Ardvick.
  • To identify wider uses for the applications developed.
  • To demonstrate the usefulness of linking local companies and schools in collaborative work.
  • Indicative Outcomes
  • Development of a website containing material from each school in each participants' language.
  • Establishment of the school as a base for transnational simultaneous communication.
  • Enhancement and expansion of existing contacts with schools in Europe.
  • Development and enhancement of teachers' and pupils' ICT skills.
  • The project should act as a model for innovative collaboration between industry and schools.
  • Participating Schools
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