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The Thin-Client Server Solution in Irish Schools (SIP041)
This project explored the sustainability of a school's ICT infrastructure by setting up a network of 30 thin-client network clients in a dedicated computer room with access to normal Windows desktops using Citrix Metaframe.
18 months
Lead Organisation
St Helen's Senior National School, Co. Dublin
Project Aims
  • To establish a thin-client server based network.
  • To determine the effectiveness of such a system in terms of network management, email and Web distribution and sustainability.
  • To determine the viability and value of assigning an email address to each pupil for internal and external use.
  • To determine the viability of using existing Acorn computers to run Windows 95 via the Citrix Metaframe network.
  • Indicative Outcomes
  • Development of a clear picture of the effectiveness of a thin-client server solution in futureproofing the ICT infrastructure in Irish schools.
  • Documentation of issues relating to general network management in schools.
  • Teachers to be introduced to the concept of thin-client computing and trained to utilise it.
  • Determination of the benefit of large-scale computer access in primary schools.
  • Participating Schools
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