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The Development of a School Subject-Based Intranet (SIP042)
The project aimed to address the difficulties faced by schools in using the Internet as an educational resource by developing an intranet that featured materials appropriate for teaching and learning current school subjects.
18 months
Lead Organisation
St Aidan's CBS, Dublin 9
Project Aims
  • To develop suitable materials that can be shared on the school intranet and made available to students in different locations around the school.
  • To investigate the value of the Internet metaphor in teaching and learning.
  • To compare the school's intranet solution with the Internet as an educational resource.
  • To target particular subject areas to test the viability of the project idea.
  • Indicative Outcomes
  • Teachers and students using the Internet metaphor to teach and learn without having to search vast databases of irrelevant material.
  • Students are able to find relevant material readily.
  • Teachers are able to focus on the Internet as a tool to improve teaching.
  • The content developed on the site is available to other schools.
  • The expertise developed in implementing the project is passed onto other schools who wish to implement similar projects.
  • Participating Schools
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