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The Use of ICT in Supporting the Leaving Cert Applied Programme (SIP053)
This project investigated the use of various technologies as tools in all aspects of the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme in post-primary schools.
18 months
Lead Organisation
St Joseph's CBS, Co. Tipperary
Project Aims
  • To utilise email and the Internet as research and communication tools.
  • To encourage students to become more self-reliant and independent in accessing information and evaluating their own aptitudes.
  • To develop a cohesive Web-based Leaving Certificate Applied resource, in collaboration with third-level institutions, NCTE, LEC, and Mol an Oige.
  • To encourage parents to use ICT in their children's education.
  • To train teachers of Leaving Certificate Applied students in the use of ICT.
  • To encourage students to use ICT as an integral part of their preparation for college and the world of work.
  • To develop a cohesive programme using ICT with Leaving Certificate Applied students in post-primary schools that can be disseminated nationally.
  • To evaluate existing ICT resources in the Leaving Certificate Applied area.
  • To prepare the target group for their future role in society.
  • Indicative Outcomes
  • Identification and evaluation of ICT resources and strategies to deliver the Leaving Certificate Applied programme.
  • Creation of ICT resources for the Leaving Certificate Applied programme.
  • Identification and documentation of the limits of ICT in this area.
  • Development of a means of liaising with agencies and institutions using the new technologies.
  • Accrual of benefits to teachers, students and parents in respect of the development of their ICT skills.
  • Participating Schools
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