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Sun Microsystems Pilot Project (SIP070)
This project focused on using email, web design and other technical skills to research and collate information for two different projects. One looked at Dublin's Grand Canal, ie, its history, geography, flora, fauna and engineering, and one looked at integrating ICT into everyday classroom activities and developing individualised learning materials for children with moderate learning disabilities.
18 months
Lead Organisation
Sun Microsystems and NCTE, Dublin
Project Aims
  • To investigate possible uses of the Internet and email in the teaching/learning process.
  • To evaluate the use of the Solaris Operating System in an educational environment.
  • To develop classroom management strategies involving the use of Internet/email in classroom/computer room situations.
  • Indicative Outcomes
  • Students and teachers to develop skills in using online resources and email.
  • Teachers to be trained in the use of the Solaris Operating System.
  • Students/teachers to be provided with opportunities to experience new learning/teaching techniques.
  • Participating Schools
    Nagle Community College, Cork
    St John of God Special School, Dublin 8
    St Oliver's Community College, Co. Louth
    St Ronan's NS, Dublin 22
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