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A Model for Technical Support (SIP079)
This project explored the technical problems that impeded use of ICT in some rural schools and delivered appropriate troubleshooting courses to help overcome these issues.
18 months
Lead Organisation
Dunmore Community College, Co. Galway
Project Aims
  • To provide locally based, first line technical support for Dunmore Community School and the national schools in the catchment area.
  • To raise the level of technical awareness among the participating schools.
  • To have, by the end of the project, a teacher in each of the national schools capable of dealing with basic technical problems.
  • Indicative Outcomes
  • Increased usage of ICT in local schools.
  • Capability to troubleshootand solve technical problems within each school.
  • Participating Schools
    Ballinlass NS, Co. Galway
    Belmont NS, Co. Galway
    Brownsgrove NS, Co. Galway
    Clonberne NS, Co. Galway
    Cloonfad NS, Co. Galway
    Dunmore NS, Co. Galway
    Garrafrauns NS, Co. Galway
    Irishtown NS, Co. Galway
    Williamstown NS, Co. Galway
    Milltown NS, Co. Galway
    Gortaleam NS, Co. Galway
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