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Internet Resources

Please note that the NCTE is not responsible for the content of external websites.

British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (UK)
Home of the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA) contains the latest news on developments in online schooling technology. Includes everything from case studies and examples of good practice to practical guidance on using ICT within the curriculum.

ICT Advice Site for Schools (UK)
A satellite BECTA site that focuses specifically on providing information, services and tools for those who use, implement and manage ICT in schools.

NGfL  (UK)
The National Grid for Learning (NGfL) is a UK focal point for learning on the Internet.

MAPE-Supporting Effective use of ICT in Primary education  (UK)
MAPE is a UK organisation which aims to provide information and resources about computers and ICT for primary school teachers. The 'Curriculum Support' area includes some useful articles by teachers on the use of ICT in a variety of lessons, as well as software reviews and a very useful beginners' guide to using the Web.

TeacherNet  (UK)
The 'Research' area of this UK government portal site for teachers contains information about relevant articles, online databases and reports.

Association for ICT in Education  (UK)
Although registration is required for some areas, the 'ICT Resources' area of this association's website contains informative articles from their regularly published journal Teaching ICT.

Just for Teachers  (UK)
Online space for teachers to access and exchange ideas on a wide range of educational topics. The 'Good Practice' area contains practical advice as well as links to discussion forums on ICT.

EmTech (Emerging Technologies)
Contains 15,000 ICT-related resources organised by topics for teachers, students, parents and othe

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