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Galvin, Conor (Ed.) (2002) Sharing Innovative Practice: The NCTE's Schools Integration Project 1998-2000 , Dublin: NCTE.
Proceedings of the SIP symposium that took place in Dublin in December 2000. Includes background information about ICT in education, project reports from individual project coordinators and notes from roundtable discussions.
[PDF file -- 1.2MB]

ICT in Schools The Impact of Government Initiatives April 2001  (UK)
An interim report by OFSTED that presents findings and recommendations with regard to various ICT in education initiatives launched in the UK in recent years. [PDF file -- 375KB]

Technology, Pedagogy and Education (UK)
Published three times a year, this fully-refereed international journal is concerned with the implications for teacher education, both pre-service and in-service, of all aspects of information technology. Not available online at the present time.

British Journal of Educational Technology  (UK)
Print journal published on behalf of BECTA by Blackwell Publishers. Articles focus on a whole range of education and training topics, concentrating on the theory, applications and development of learning technology and communications. Subscription required to access articles online but individual articles can be purchased via the Web.

National Association of Advisers for Computers in Education  (UK)
The NAACE is the professional association for those who are involved in advancing education through the appropriate use of ICT. Although their website is slow to upload, the 'Publications' area contains several pertinent articles and reports on the subject of ICT.

Journal of Technology Education (US)
Bi-annual academic journal providing a forum for scholarly discussion on topics relating to technology education. All issues are accessible online in both pdf and html formats.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Information and Technology  (US)
The Educational Resources Information Center /Information Technology is part of the ERIC system, a national (US) information system designed to provide users with ready access to an extensive body of education-related literature. ERIC/IT specialises in library and information science and educational technology. It acquires, selects, catalogues, indexes, and abstracts documents and journal articles in these subject areas for input into the ERIC Database. It also publishes books, digests and a biannual newsletter in the fields of educational technology and library and information science.

Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education  (US)
CITE is a publication of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), established as an electronic counterpart of the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education.

Daly, Tom (2001) Enabling Technologies: Guidelines for the Use of Assistive Technology in Education, Cork: Bradshaw Books

Fischer Family Trust  (UK)
The Fischer Family Trust is an independent, non-profit organisation which is mainly involved in undertaking and supporting projects addressing the development of education in the UK. Their website contains the results of recent surveys concerning high-impact ICT resources used in both primary and second-level schools and includes links to brief descriptions of each resource and to the maker's website. Reports are downloadable in PDF format and could offer inspiration to teachers.

SIP is an initiative of the National Centre for Technology in Education
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