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The program that we used to make the CD- roms is called Hyperstudio.With this program we created CD Rom features-these are called stacks.

Because of internet space limitations it is not possible to show all stacks, only a small sample.

To view stacks on the web you would have to follow the following prochedure

However Click Here to view without having to download the viewing programmes.

The files had to be zipped.To unzip them you will need a copy of Winzip.Thes is shareware and can be copied from the winzip site.You probably have it on your computer.

The hyperstudio plug in allows you to view stacks that are posted on the World Wide Web.

However before you view some stacks you will need a number of things on your computer.

You will need Quicktime.If you do not have it you can download it from Http://

First you will need a hyperstudio plug in-this enables your computer to read the files.

you can download this from

The supported browsers are Internet Explorer4.0 or higher and Netscape 4.7. Netscape 6 is not currently supported.

Click here for the zipped files.For the moment we have only uploaded some heart astronomy other topics will be uploaded at a later date.

Click on the above to view some stacks.

You can see hyperstudio stacks working after you have followed the above prochedure.