Schools Integration Project No. 005g

Control Technology Empowering Minds

Stokane National School, Co. Sligo

Scoil Náisiúnta an Stuacáin


PhotoImpact from Ulead Systems, Ltd

We used the Sony Mavica FD90 camera for taking photographs. We brought the photographs into PhotoImpact, Version 4.0 to resize them and focus them. When a photograph is taken, it is very big and would take too long to download from the Internet. There is often parts of the photo we don't want so we crop the piece we want. We resize this and save it as a new image. Sometimes we make the image very bright and we save this for a page backround. See us on this page! We thought PhotoImpact was user-friendly.

See: for trial version.

Ulead GIF Animator

First we put our camera on a tripod and put the model on a white sheet of paper. We took four photographs of the model, each from a different angle and saved them on a floppy disk. Then we went into PhotoImpact and we cropped and resized them to 100x100 pixels. We then brought the photographs into Ulead GIF Animator 2.0 and we started the animation wizard and we clicked on Add Image four times and Ulead GIF Animator did the rest. Ulead GIF Animator is very user-friendly.

See: for trial version.

FrontPage Express and Dreamweaver 3

We use FrontPage Express from Microsoft to create our web pages because it is very user-friendly and it is free. We used tables to keep everything where we wanted it to be. The only problem we had was when we wanted to insert a video.

We insert the video by clicking on Insert, Video and then we click the down arrow and go to All Files. Then we get our video and put it in our table. We then save it and preview it on the Internet.

Go to: to download a free copy.

We are learning to use Dreamweaver 3 at present and it is exciting to use. Soon we will be using this too.

Trial version at:

MicroWorlds LOGO

This LOGO from MicroWorlds is great. In MicroWorlds you can make cartoon people move across the screen, and you can also make cars move. We can also make music and if you have a microphone connected to your computer you can listen to your voice on the computer by pressing a button. In MicroWorlds we can have a Turtle Race, make a Crystal Bowl, or the Lottery! See program.

See: for demo version.

Storybook Weaver Deluxe

We create our story in the normal way, and we go to File, Save as Web Document and SWD saves each page as a web page in a folder. It places navigation buttons at the bottom of each page. Fiona and Kelly did a story about Rory Robot using SWD.



We found WS_FTP95LE very useful for uploading files to the server. This limited edition (LE) may be used free of charge if you are a student/staff member of an educational institution.