Light-controlled buggy No. 2


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Side view


The buggy shown here is programmed to follow a path which is a different colour to the surrounding field.

It can be dressed in costume using crepe paper or other craft materials to be anything from a character in a story, a vehicle or ship at sea, to an avalanche or a moving glacier. Some pupils are interested in building models, some in programming and some in costume-making: tasks for everyone, as in the real world.


Front end


Since motors are most efficient when running at higher speeds, it is normal to place an 8-tooth gear on the motor shaft. This meshes with a 24-tooth gear in the model shown here and the speed is therefore reduced to one third of the motor speed. When the 24-tooth gear meshes with the 40-tooth gear, further reduction takes place.

Rear end

A castor is a must for many moving models and is quite easy to build.