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The Differential Gear-box


The Differential Gear-box

If we have two wheels the same size on the same axle, and driven by the axle, then both wheels must turn at the same speed, and the vehicle will only travel in a straight line. The buggy shown on the left has only one motor but it drives both wheels independantly. The motor is connected to a differential gear-box and two axles (half-shafts) come from this gear-box to drive the wheels. If we hold one wheel, the other takes up the drive and spins. We put tape on the wheels so that we will see them go around. Most road vehicles have a differential gear-box. If you look under a truck you will see a wide part at the centre of the axle. This is the differential gear-box.

Parts List

3 small bevel gears, 1differential housing, 2 6x axles, 5 16x1 beams, 1 24-tooth gear, 2 medium tractor tyres, 2 8x axles, 4 1x8 plates, 2 10x6 plates, 2 1x4 beams, 1 2x6 stud plate with holes, 1 9-volt motor and 1 RCX.

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