Schools Integration Project No. 005g

Control Technology Empowering Minds

Stokane National School, Co. Sligo

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Crom Dubh's Fire ... At Poll na Seantine

This is our model of Crom Dubh's fire at Downpatrick Head, Co. Mayo. We made a deck using a combination of 16-stud beams and 10-stud beams, and the deck was supported by three legs made from 6-stud beams. We fixed a motor under the deck using two of the legs for support. Then we connected different sized gears to the deck using connecter pegs with axle. We used black connector pegs to attach the coloured flexible tubes to the gears to make the flames. The power for the motor came from a second motor which was used as a generator.

Parts list

2 motors, 4 black flexible tubes, 6 green flexible tubes, 7 purple flexible tubes, 10 16-stud beams, 3 40-tooth gears, 6 24-tooth gears, 2 16-tooth gears, 2 8-tooth gears, 1 24-tooth crown gear, 17 black connector pegs, 12 connector pegs with axle, 1 3x axle, 1 lever arm, 1 2-stud plate, 1 motor hanger and a connecting lead.

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