Schools Integration Project No. 005g

Control Technology Empowering Minds

Stokane National School, Co. Sligo

Scoil Náisiúnta an Stuacáin

Download This is our model of Crom Dubh's dog at Downpatrick head, Co. Mayo. We made a chassis using a combination of 12-stud beams and 10x2 plates and the RCX was held up by two big wheels and two small wheels. We fixed two motors into each side of the chassis for the wheels and another motor on top for the mouth.We fixed a crank onto the motor, and two connector pegs with axle and a cam were fixed into the beam. Then we used an axle and put it through three beams with two bends, for the top of the mouth and we did the same for the bottom.

Parts list

3 motors, 2 big wheels and 2 small wheels,12 12-stud beams, 13 2x1 plates, 6 10x2 plates.8 2x1 beams, 2 connecter pegs with axle, 1 crank, 6 beams with two bends, 2x1 bricks with axle hole, 3 short leads, 4 2x4 plates, 4 4x1 plates, 1 12x axle, 1 10x axle,1 6x axle, 1 5x axle, 1 4x axle, 3 2x2 plates, 1 1x3 plate, 1 cam, 2 8x1 plates, 2 10x1 plates, 1 2x3 plate and 1 RCX.

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