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Stokane National School, Co. Sligo

Scoil Náisiúnta an Stuacáin

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Marooning of Crom Dubh

St. Patrick asked Crom Dubh to be kind and fair to the people. Crom Dubh set his dogs on St.Patrick. But the dogs licked the feet of St. Patrick.Crom Dubh was very angry. St. Patrick struck the ground three times with his crozier and the bridge into Crom Dubh's hut fell into the sea. Crom Dubh was marooned on the stag.

Parts list

1 16 x 32 plate, 10 2x2 bricks, 4 1x4 bricks, 4 2x4 bricks, 4 1x4 bricks, 1 6x10 plate, 2 1x3 bricks 3 3x2 bricks, 2 angle plates, 2 10x1 plates, 1 6x axle and 1 8x axle, 1 ram and 1 pump, 1 change-over valve, figures for St. Patrick and Crom Dubh, 4cm of pipe for the crozier

© Shane, Stokane N.S.

Ram and pump assembly