Schools Integration Project No. 005g

Control Technology Empowering Minds

Stokane National School, Co. Sligo

Scoil Náisiúnta an Stuacáin

Our Mechanical Guidance System!

On the left you can see the animation we made in Gif Animator showing all four sides of our model. On the right is shown the video of our model moving around the boxes of Lego using a mechanical guidence system. The RCX is used as a battery box just driving the motor. We did not use any electronic sensors. The big wheel in the front is connected to gears and a castor. When the big wheel strikes an obstacle it turns the castor the opposite way to move away from the obstacle. We used a differential gear-box run by a motor to allow one of the wheels to move faster than the other when the car was turning (see picture below). We used plates to stabilize the steering mechanism and the motor.

(starts on mouseover)

On the left you can see the differential gear-box and the motor. On the right is shown the steering mechanism using a 48-stud gear wheel and an 8-stud gear wheel and a castor.

Parts List

3 big wheels, 1 small wheel, 1 8-tooth gear wheel, 1 40-tooth gear wheel, 1 16-tooth gear wheel, 1 differential gear box, 3 bevel gear wheels, 5 bushings, 2 piston rods, 1 axle extender, 1 10-stud axle, 3 6-stud axles, 1 4-stud axle, 1 3-stud axle, 2 16-stud beams, 1 12-stud beam, 1 2x1-stud beam, 1 2x1 red brick, 1 2x4 blue brick, 2 3x1 plates, 2 4x1 plates, 5 4x2 plates with holes, 8 2x1 plates, 1 4x2 plate, 46x10 plates, 4 4x2 plates with holes, 2 8x2 plates with holes, 2 6x2 plates with holes, 2 6x2 orange plates, 2 6x1 plates, 1 8x2 green plate, 3 10x2 plate, 2 10x1 plates, 1 RCX and 1 motor.

Background Music

Anne-Marie played and recorded the tune, "The Blue Danube" by Johann Strauss on the Yamaha PSR-540 keyboard and stored it on a 3½" floppy disk. We then opened it in "Cakewalk Express" to view the music on staves before we inserted it on our page to play as a background sound. We think the PSR-540 and Cakewalk Express are fun and easy to use.

© Anne-Marie and Kirsty