"Accident at the Railway Station"

(Theme by Third Class)

Katie, Caitríona, David and Keith have been working with construction materials since their time in infants classes using Lego Creator, Duplo, straws and other materials. They've worked with gears, motors and battery boxes since entering third four weeks ago in September. All except Caitríona have older family members in the school. There was a discussion on what to build, and it had to have things that moved!

Accident at the railway station

(by third class, September 2005)

(Note: The green trays are used to collect parts from the main storage area, and to store them tidily on the desks until needed)

The Story

Cracker Roadhog has just bought a jeep and he is in a hurry. There is a train coming into the station and there are people waiting on the platform. One of the ladies has free travel and she wants to get to Mac Diarmada Railway Station in Sligo to visit her relatives in Stokane. She has some gifts for the children in her bag. Cracker hoots and beeps to warn people that a jeeper is coming, and everybody knows that jeepers like Cracker Roadhog don't like to be kept waiting! He plunges ahead as if he owned the whole town. The train can't stop in time and it is derailled. Cracker's jeep goes up in the air and lands on its roof. He says the train-driver should have seen him and should have stopped. He is arrested and taken away. The old lady is taken to hospital but her injuries are not serious. A kind young girl picks up her luggage and takes it inside to the parcels office.

The pupils had great fun building the model and timing the accident between the jeep and the train. They were looking forward to sharing their experiences with other children at the RDS Young Scientists Exhibition on January 14th 2006. The morning of Saturday 14th came and all clambered aboard the 07:05 train from Ballina. The morning was a usual winter morning for the time of year: frosty with a freezing fog making the warm train carriages feel like a sauna. At 07:08 the train's hooter sounded long and loud and the emergency brakes were applied: there was a stolen car parked across the track close to a level crossing just outside the town. Visibility was poor and the train cut the car in two but thankfully it stayed on the track. All passengers aboard had to climb down the emergency ladder and walk to an awaiting bus to be taken to Ballyhaunis to meet the Westport-Dublin train. The rest of the day went really well, but what a coincidence! Almost stranger than fiction! A model built showing an accident at a level crossing and then the real thing happens! This story had to be told at the RDS too!

David, Keith, Katie and Caitríona, from 3rd class, tell their story

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