The  Lego Remote Control


The Lego remote control is a most useful tool for testing models prior to programming.

The control has Message buttons, Motor Control buttons, Program buttons, a Beep button and a Program Stop button.

Simple Message Example: A model of a dog is programmed to move a certain distance and to stop and wag its tail until it receives a 1 from another RCX or from the remote control.

Advanced Message Example: A model is programmed to wait for a sequence of numbers, such as 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, before it performs an action. The sequence can come from another RCX or from the remote. Pupils can see from this how security codes are built.

The A, B and C pairs of buttons can control motors attached to an RCX, with forward and reverse options. With these it is possible to guide a model through an obstacle course, and log the times it takes for each section for use when programming later on.

It is possible to start a program on an RCX using the P1 to P5 program buttons; the Stop button stops a program. The Beep button could be used as a polite hoot to warn that a machine needs more space.