Schools Integration Project No. 005g

Control Technology Empowering Minds

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Using two used food containers and some craft materials, Ronan and John built this security vault. It can be opened/closed by sending a code to the RCX stored inside it from either the remote control or another RCX.


The story

"Ali Baba walked up to the robbers' cave and called out: Open Sesame! The door to the secret cave opened and Ali Baba went in. That was magic, and the magic words were: Open Sesame! Our machine works a little like Sesame, but I get the remote control to say the magic words for me. It can send the numbers 1, 2 or 3, and by combining these numbers into a sequence, I can get several different codes, because I can use the same number several times if I wish. The RCX can send several other numbers. I could have programmed the RCX inside to respond to the sequence: 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 3, 1, for example. I programmed the vault to close when a 2 is received if the vault is open, because there is no point in having security to close a vault when a person would just want to seal it as quickly as possible. John and myself put eyes and a tail on this model, placed a red tissue inside for the inside of the mouth and we had fun with the remote control getting it to recite an Irish poem! We were able to move the mouth up and down using the A-control on the remote. This turns on motor A and it has forward and reverse. Our model became known as Bugsy. Some of the other people in the class got Bugsy to recite 12 times tables. It was fun to hear Bugsy saying tables and of course he got some wrong. We think Bugsy would be at home on Mars because Mars has lots of little green creatures like Bugsy."

_Ronan, 5th, Stokane N.S.

Footnote: Sorry we didn't get Bugsy's lower jaw moving like real creatures, but we're happy with him and we wouldn't change him for anything.