Schools Integration Project No. 005g

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Stokane National School, Co. Sligo

Scoil Náisiúnta an Stuacáin

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Téideach's Hole, Gleann Lasaire

Our model is a model of a boat moving into a cave and out again. First we made a winch by getting a large hub, an axle and a roll of string. We tied one end of the string on the hub and wound it clockwise round it 3 times. We fed the string over another smaller hub just outside the cave, (this acted like a pulley) tied the middle of it to the bow of the boat, and the other end was wound anti-clockwise onto the large hub, and tied with a knot. For the Téideach's boat we built a small boat and we sat a man inside. Then we cut one of the yellow straws in half and put one piece in each hand for oars. We built 1 wall each side with bricks.

Parts list

1 32 x 32 baseplate, 1 large white hub, 1 small yellow hub, 1 roll of string, 1 10x axle, 1 cam wheel, 1 bushing, 2 connector pegs with axle, 1 figure of a man, 6 10x2 grey plates, 2 10-stud grey plates, 2 8-stud grey plates, 2 6x2 grey plates, 2 6x2 grey plate with holes, 10 6-stud grey plates, 1 4x2 grey plate, 1 4x2 red plate, 2 4x2 grey plates with holes, 7 2x2 grey plates, 4 2-stud grey plates, 1 10 x 6 black plate, 3 6x1 bricks, 1 1x4 yellow plate, 3 10x2 bricks, 6 8x2 bricks, 3 6x2 bricks, 22 4x2 bricks, 14 3x2 bricks, 3 4-stud bricks, 32 2x2 bricks, 14 2x1 bricks, 3 4-stud bricks, 1 angleplate, 2 10-stud beams, 1 2-stud beam, 2 6-stud beams, 1 sheet of blue coloured paper and 1 yellow straw.

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