Schools Integration Project No. 005g

Control Technology Empowering Minds

Stokane National School, Co. Sligo

Scoil Náisiúnta an Stuacáin

Using a touch sensor

This buggy runs over and back on the floor. The touch-sensor tells the RCX when the sensor is pressed (when the buggy touches an obstacle) and the RCX reverses the direction of the motor until the sensor is pressed again.

The Program

We first attached the jig-saw piece saying "on ABC" to turn on the outputs for the motor by dragging them into place under the "program" button with the mouse. We then clicked the "sensor watchers" button to get the touch sensor piece. We dragged it across beside the other commands and switched it to Input 1 as our touch sensors were connected to Input 1 on the RCX. We then went back to the commands where we selected the button "reverse direction ABC" and put it under the "press" button. This meant that when the touch sensor was pressed in the motor would reverse direction. We then right-clicked on the program button and pressed Save As. We saved it as Touch as show on the left underneath Program and then downloaded it onto our RCX.

© Fifth Class

This is our animation of our touch-sensor test. We used Gif Animator to put the pictures of the four sides together.