Strand:Energy and Forces

Lesson: Magnetic Forces



To enhance the children's knowledge of magnetic forces through the use of information technology.


To observe the forces of attraction between magnets and magnetic materials using the software.
To make predictions using the software e.g. will the iron bar be attracted to the magnet? Why/why not?
To experiment with the magnets and materials, and take photographs of this experimentation using the digital camera.

Materials Needed

Data Projector
Software 'Mad about Science - Matter' - DK
Digital Camera
Extension Leads
Magnetic Materials



As an introduction to my lesson, I will elicit children's prior knowledge of magnetic forces. I will read some snippets of information from a book which one of the children has already brought in. We will discuss this new information in detail including: magnetic forces, and objects that are attracted to magnets.

Then I will give the children some opportunities to experiment with the magnets and the magnetic materials themselves, before I set up the projector and laptop for the next part of the lesson.


Equipment is set up and children arranged so that they can all view screen. Software 'Mad About Science - Matter' is inserted. The children will watch as information about magnets appears on the screen.

This is then followed by a series of games which test children's knowledge of the subject, and each child gets her turn to play these on an individual basis.

Each game ends with a quiz. Answers can be checked on screen. They will work together in teams to answer these questions.

A general discussion based on the software content displayed follows. Equipment is then tidied away. Children will return to their places and continue to experiment with the magnets and the magnetic materials. They will work in groups.

Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

I will ask some children to write personal comments about the software viewed. As the children are experimenting with the magnets, I will use the digital camera to take pictures of them. These when developed can be used to revise and revisit this topic.

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