Strand: Energy and Forces

Topic: Magnetic Poles



To enhance the children's knowledge of energy and of magnetism, as a form of energy, through the use of information technology.


That the children know that magnets have two poles, the North Pole and the South Pole. That children realise that magnets are attracted to certain things and what these things are. That the children are able to identify magnets in their own environment.

Materials Needed

Data Projector
CD Rom 'Smudge the Scientist' Storm Ed. Software
Digital Camera
Variety of materials which are attracted to and repelled by magnets
Textbook: 1st Class - Look Around - Section: Energy - Fun with Magnets





Introduce lesson by revising the other types of energy we have already covered e.g. pushing, pulling, electricity etc. Then elicit the word 'magnet' from the children by giving them certain clues, for example:

"it's black, it's in the kitchen sometimes on the fridge, lots of people buy them when they are on holidays". Through questioning additional information on magnets is added to class discussion.



The teacher then demonstrates the magnetic force of magnets by showing how magnets can attract and repel each other. The teacher then using 'Smudge the Scientist CD Rom' reinforces the concept by playing Smudge's Train Game. This game consists of placing magnets disguised as carriages in a certain order, eg a North end of one carriage must face the South end of another carriage, thus reinforcing the concept that magnets attract each other. A North end is needed at the end of the train to repel it from the 'station' which is also a North end. If the magnets are aligned properly the train moves.

The teacher and the children experiment with various materials to find out which are attracted to magnets and which are not. A variety of materials are placed in the centre of each group and each child is given a magnet.

The results are recorded by taking pictures using the digital camera.


Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

The lesson was concluded using the 'CD Rom Smudge the Scientist'. The teacher and children read through Smudge's Fact File and do Smudges Grouping Activity in his kitchen which involves separating magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

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