Strand: Environmental Awareness and Care

Topic:Investigating Rubbish in our Classroom


That the pupils will:

1. Observe their classroom and identify clean areas and dirty areas. 2. Classify the rubbish in the classroom bin 3. Take photos of rubbish in the classroom with the digital camera. 4. Discuss how we can reduce the rubbish in the classroom. 5. Compare and contrast the untidy and the tidy classroom.

Materials Needed
Digital Camera



1. After lunch and after art class I will ask the children to observe the cleanliness of the classroom. We will identify clean areas in the classroom and areas where we could improve.

2.We will take photos of rubbish in the classroom.


3. We will then classify the rubbish from our bin into the following categories:

a) paper
b) food
c) food wrappings
d) pencil parings
e) cartons

4. After observing and recording we will discuss how we can reduce the rubbish in our classroom e.g. bringing our lunch wrappings home, reuse some art paper etc.


5. We will then have tidy up time and discuss why we all prefer a tidy classroom. We will then take photos of a tidy classroom so we can compare and contrast.

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