A habitat is an environment where living things live. We learned that the treefrog has sticky pads so that he can climb trees. The tree frog lays its eggs in large pools of water high up in the rainforest. If an animal leaves its habitat it might adapt or it might die.


Plants, animals, birds and people are all connected in a very important food web. It's like the circle of life. We all depend on each other for food and energy.

Great Horned Owl

Microsoft Encarta
(researched by a Second Class pupil)

The owl flies at night. There are two different families. Their eyes point forward and they must turn their whole head to see around. Because they hunt at night they have very good hearing.

They feed on living animals like mice or rabbits.

They nest in holes in trees and rocks and some nest on the ground. They all lay white eggs.

Submitted by a Second Class pupil.

Snowy Owl

Microsoft Encarta
(researched by a Second Class pupil)

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