TopSic: Strand: Living Things

Lesson: Myself

These lessons were taught over two day period

To make the children aware of the skeletal and muscular structure in the human body.

The children will be able to
(a) name the bones in the human skeleton
(b) give the functions of the human skeleton
(c) give the function of the muscles
(d) describe how muscles work to introduce

Materials Needed
Laptop and Data Projector and Screen
CD-Mad About Science-Disc 2-Life
Textbook - 'Look Around' Folens 2nd class



Day 1: Using Textbook -Look Around, Topic -Myself

Read information on Pg 5,6,-Bones and Muscles
Discussion on moving parts
Experiments-Recording movements of a partner in a limited time period e.g. 2 minutes
Chart-The Skeleton-naming bones
Activity- Label diagram of bones- Pg 5


Day 2: Using Laptop and projector. CD Rom Section 3: Moving your bones

A: Bones
Children read information on skeleton (several times)
Quiz on information given on bones (timed exercise)- individual children compete
Game- Label the bones -competition between individuals

B: Muscles
Children read information given on muscles and watch the model of the muscles in action
Quiz on information given- (children using the mouse).


Children contribute to the summary of the information received from the CD and Look Around Pg 5 and 6 [Question and Answer]

Write summary in their copies.

Art-Make a skeleton using paper straws.

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