Strand: Living Things

Lesson: Plants

This topic could be taught as a series of lessons.

1. To introduce the children to a variety of plant types 2. To give the children an understanding of the functions of the various parts of the plant 3. To discuss the best growth conditions for plants

The children will be able to (a)label a selection of plants (b)name the parts of plants and give the function of each (c)talk about experiments and the needs of plants.

Materials Needed
1. Laptop and Data Projector
2. CD -Mad about Science-Disc 2 - Life 3
Book -Look Around, 2nd class, Pg 19, Energy -Plants



1. Discussion ; What do we know about Plants ? Types of trees: Deciduous/ Evergreen; Different types of leaves e.g. Holly( glossy) Fir (needles); how do these leaves help the plant to survive in winter ? Do we know any plants that live in deserts? How do they survive?

2. Plants on the Nature table /in the press: Progress- difference between growth of bulbs /seeds

3. Book- Look Around Pg 19, Energy: Plants; Food chains; Plant needs for growth



Using the Laptop and CD (children operating the mouse)

CD Rom Section: 22 - The Parts of a Plant

Area A: Information
Children read information on plant several times - group/individuals - different types of plants for example ferns, algae, cactus - parts of plants and their functions - what happens with oxygen and carbon dioxide

1. Match the label to plant types (competition between individuals)
2. Label plant parts

Quiz Competition between groups


Area B: Experiments and Demonstrations
Section 23: What a Plants Needs
Section 24: Where do Plants Grow Best

1. Plant needs
Information on cactus - read
Game - match words to definitions
Demonstration - what do plants need to grow
Experiment a) showing the effect of angled light / full light / no light
Experiment b) showing the effect of water / no water
Quiz (group competition)

2. Best conditions
1. Information - rain forest - read
Experiment - showing best conditions for growth (2 seeds one on soil - one on cotton wool - growing them in 3 different places)
Quiz on results of the experiment


Question time
what did you learn?
bullet points on blackboard
order notes in sequence
children order the information into sentences and into report
children write up report adding extra information

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